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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

bi meets world

In addition to the ones Jersey listed, there's another reason to celebrate this time of year. It's the BGLTSA's Bisexuality Week!

Actually, the bi-friendly activities continue for more than just one week. For now, I'll just list the next three upcoming events, and I'll post the rest as they approach. Looks like they've got some interesting stuff planned--if you attend any of them, by all means post a comment with some of your impressions, reactions, concerns, and/or celebrations. (more in expanded post)

Perceptions of Bisexuality Discussion
Thursday, February 16th, 8:30-10pm. Eliot Memorial Room.
Why is the Facebook.com the easiest way to come out as bi to your friends, and how does it affect people of either gender who would be interested? Why do girls who post "bisexual" on their profiles at .comlove-match websites get 7 billion more hits than girls who post just lesbian? Why do people think that bisexuality is a "just a phase" and how are women and men who are bisexual but who marry a member of th eopposite sex later in life perceived? Is someone bisexual if they think they are, or only if they are dating both men and women, and if so, do you have to be dating a man and a woman at the same time? When a bisexual is dating a man, is he perceived as gay, until he dates a woman, at which point he is heterosexual?
If you're interested in tackling these questions and other funny and frustrating misconceptions, come to the "Perceptions of Bisexuality"discussion!
For more information: Contact Jana (jlepon@fas)

I Don't Like the Word 'Bisexuality' Discussion
Sunday, February 19th, 7-8:30pm. Check www.hcs.harvard.edu/queer for location.
Got beef with "bi"? Whether you think it's too inclusive, not inclusive enough, outdated, misunderstood, or just right, come discuss the word that has changed our generation's perspective of sexual orientation. We hope to see all viewpoints represented in this discussion, from people of all genders and orientations.
For more information: Contact Mal or Josh (hellman2@fas, jdsmith@fas)

Call to Duty Tour
Tuesday, February 21st, 7pm. Starr Auditorium, KSG.
The Kennedy School is hosting speakers from the "Call To Duty" tour. The individuals who will be speaking are gay ex-military servicemembers who have recently completed their military service. They will be speaking about their personal experiences in the armed forces, and how difficult the "don't ask, don't tell" law has made their lives and the performance of their duties. Harvard is the first stop on a national speaking tour.
For more information: Contact Josh (jdsmith@fas.harvard.edu) or visitwww.calltodutytour.org


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