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Monday, April 18, 2005

welcome from the Editor

So, you find yourself here at Cambridge Common and you're thinking: "wtf? What is this piece of crap? Who are these people? Where are my pants?" Ok, here's the deal.

Cambridge Common is an attempt by four students at Harvard to deepen and broaden the campus conversation by giving it somewhere to occur that is between the organized professionalism of the Crimson and the obnoxious rantiness of email lists. It builds off of the lessons learned from the blog I personally ran for 2 months, welcoming new writers and encouraging more readers and reader contribution. The four of us currently writing on this project have varied interests (progressive politics, undergraduate council, music, activism, etc.) and we plan on writing about it all. In doing so, we hope you'll feel free to hit the comment button and share your thoughts, tell us we're idiots if we're being idiots (and even if we're not!) and generally engage in the campus discussion.

As you've probably noticed, the graphics on this page are kind of strange (more in expanded post)

Well, we're working with a graphic designer on something new, but we decided not to delay the start of writing just because things isn't purdy. Quite frankly, this is not supposed to be super professional. It's supposed to be a catalyst for honest conversation and thinking, and the graphic only helps that inasmuch as it makes people think we're smarter because it looks professional. So, it won't kill us to write before it's done.

Alright, I'll stop explaining pointless stuff to you. The Associate Editors will introduce themselves to you throughout the day and the rest of the week, and I hope you'll feel free to hit the comment button and join the conversation.


The Editor


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