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Monday, May 16, 2005

the latest on the Downing Street Memo

One reader has already complained, but I'm not going to stop writing about this story until it's no longer important. We've been following it since before anyone was writing about it widely, and will follow it until everyone stops doing so.

It is, after weeks and weeks, finally getting cable news coverage. Watch this very well done piece and interview by Keith Olbermann.

Krugman picked it up today, and took it to a more general liberal argument (and a comparison to Vietnam that I think is kind of silly, but that's beside the point).

And, as one reader already pointed out, the Crimson ran an OpEd about it.

Is there any cohesive conservative response at this point? I've yet to see one written or said, which to me points to two things: 1. the administration is hoping that this will go away and knows that if it responds it will become a huge story (I don't think it's going away guys) and 2. they don't have a good enough argument to quickly but the whole thing to rest.


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