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Monday, May 23, 2005

reasonable people win

Who would have thunk it? The nuclear bomb that would have gone off on the floor of the Senate tomorrow has been diffused by 14 (really twelve with two jumping on when they knew it would happen) Senators working across the aisle. Basically, by agreeing to vote for cloture (end a filibuster) on three nominees- Rogers, Owen and Bryor - and agreeing not to support the nuclear option to end judicial filibusters, this group has apparently ended the entire thing. While this isn't ideal (these judges are pretty far right), it's an important compromise (see the text here) to maintain the filibuster in principle and reduce its abuse. In terms of politics it looks like Frist is the big loser, McCain is the big winner, and the Democrats are a wash.
(some VIDEO LINKS in expanded post)

Alright, first you can watch the press conference (parts one, two and three). It's a haphazard but nice little thing with each Senator speaking for a few sentences. You can also watch Frist try to save face on the floor of the Senate. When I was watching all I could think is "who advised him to do this? He looks desperate!" You can also watch Leader Reid's press conference and speech on the floor. Both are measured but happy.


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