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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Wassup everybody. My name is Chimaobi Amutah and I'm the newest addition to the writing staff here at Cambridge Common. I'm a Class of 2007 African Studies and (soon, hopefully) Government concentrator living in Currier House. I'll be writing about a lot of different things from my personal experiences growing up in Trenton, New Jersey (Southside...what up!), expanding out in Cambridge and Boston, Mass., and delving into issues that effect us all whether we know/like it or not. Due to the fact that I'm BLACK (not African-American...that term is political flagellation and doesn't have any tangible present-day basis in reference to Blacks in America) and my family is Igbo hailing from Nigeria, I'll bring that international focus here as well.

Feel free to get at me if you'd like. My e-mail address is amutah@fas.harvard.edu. I check it habitually. Get ready to get the movement moving. Holler at your boy.


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