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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't forget about home...

One of the most amazing, saddening, and intriguing political situations in the world at this time is that of Somalia in East Africa. This is a nation where its political leaders were run out of the country by warlords and they are now scattered throughout the world. Few countries can realistically claim to be anarchic but Somalia is one.

Listen to a rapper named K'naan and learn about his experiences growing up in Somalia's capital of Mogadishu. K'naan spits lyrics like, "I'm sick, as far as lyrics I'm with/as far as gimmicks I spit/barrage and limit the shit/ they talkin, rip it I'm hip/the hop is living/I skip, the obvious women/don't get, what I'm presentin/no rims my mind is spinnin". Whoa. Also, you should watch the movie Black Hawk Down in case you've never seen it. It is excellent historical fiction about a U.S. military plane being downed in the middle of Mogadishu and attempts by the military to extract their personnel with armed Somalians swarming in from all directions. Action-packed and vivid.


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