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Friday, October 14, 2005

Gold Digger (Verses 2 and 3)

18 years, 18 years,
If she has one of your children, due to the law you must take care of the child (and therefore her) for 18 years,
I know someone financially supporting one of his children,
and the mother of this child, whom he pays, has a larger automobile and residence than him,
you can see him on television playing football just about any Sunday,
he'll win the Super Bowl and (as oppose to a luxury vehicle) drive away in a Hyundai (a cheap car),
she was supposed to be your child toys with your money,
but instead she got plastic surgery with your money,
now she looks similar to Michael Jackson with your money,
you should have gotten Geico to ensure your monetary investment,
if you aren't an easily scared man,
yell, "I demand a pre-nuptial agreement!", "I demand a pre-nuptial agreement!",
yeah, it's something that is highly necessary to possess,
because when she leaves you she's going to leave with half of all you possess,
18 years, 18 years,
and on the child's 18th birthday he found out the child was not his.(more in expanded post)


Now I'm not saying you're solely withh me for material gain, I acknowledge that you have needs, you do not want a guy that smokes, but he cannot buy marijuana,
if you all go out to eat and he cannot pay then you all cannot leave,
if there are dishes in the kitchen then he must roll up his sleeves and do them,
nevertheless, while you are watching watch him!,
he's going to upgrade to a Mercedes-Benz out of that Nissan Datsun,
he has that ambition, baby, look in his eyes,
this week he may only be mopping the floor, but next week he will be deep frying the french fries,
so I advise you to remain with him as he works towards monetary and material wealth,
I know this guy has a lot of money and, yes, that's quite alright,
but you're going to keep calling and trying, and you remain this way, girl,
and when he gets big he'll love your money hungry behind for a Caucasian female.

Continue on, girl, I encourage you to continue on. (x3)

Read the lyrics to Kanye West's "Gold Digger" from OHHLA.com here. I encourage comments and critiques on what we're listening to. Any takers? Also, suggest future artist's lyrics to critique. I'm thinking of Dip Set (The Diplomats) for next week.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Jamal Sprucewood said...

That's pretty good. That second verse is my favorite - so sad, and unfortunately in some cases, so true.


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