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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Crimson revokes its endorsement of Voith/Gadgil

Wow. This may be the ballgame people...
(The Crimson President's email to their staff in expanded post)

Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 00:39:20 -0500
From: Lauren Schuker
To: crimeds-l@thecrimson.com
Subject: [CRIMEDS] Recent Staff Editorial

Dear Crimeds,

We have just posted tomorrow's Staff Editorial, "A Loss of Faith," to the website. In this Staff Editorial, we withdraw our endorsement of John F. Voith '07 and Tara Gadgil '07 in light of events that happened this week in connection with the UC race. Because of the sensitive nature of endorsements, I wanted to explain our process to you.

Today, Morgan and Alex sent out an e-mail about the Editorial Agenda.
The subject line for this Ed Agenda included the Voith-Gadgil topic for extra emphasis, and the note stated that "anything is up for discussion if we decide to comment on the recent developments concerning the UC campaigns/tickets. any interested parties should attend."

At the meeting, we discussed the news events that occurred this week and then voted in favor of withdrawing our support for the Voith/Gadgil ticket. We also voted to not endorse another set of candidates.

I hope you will take the time to read the staff editorial just posted online. Please direct any questions or concerns you have to me, Alex, and Morgan.



At 12:57 AM, Blogger Neeraj "Richie" Banerji said...

Cross-posted on www.TeamZebra.org...

What a shitshow, man.

I wonder if this has happened a lot before? The Crimson switching its editorial position on an issue?

har har har

Of course it has!

At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last thirty-six hours have been a whirlwind for the UC campaign. When the HRC endorsement meeting with the candidates concluded, I left ecstatic about the Magnus and Tom campaign. I went to their "war room" meeting Sunday night and all of the sudden became entrenched in their ranks. When Mischa was kind enough to email us with Voith's statements to BGLSTA, I was shocked. Having seen Voith's unequivocal endorsement for the return of ROTC both in writing and in person, I was almost incredulous that he would completely change stances the next day. I called Mischa to get the BGLSTA's nod for a joint statement, wrote the press release (with a few tips from my big brother), had it sent out, and gave it to the Crimson.

When groups like the BGLSTA and HRC have something on which they can agree, I think it is important to take advantage of it. If nothing else, we created dialogue and mutual respect between our groups - there is even talk about a joint Christmas event. But more than that, it was important that our two groups help the voters understand the issues of the campaign. I think that was accomplished as well.

As far as the campaign, this was a huge boost for Magnus and Haddock. I of course do not support Haddock, but I think there is a difference in having unrealistic ambitions and directly misleading someone. As far as I can tell, Haddock has acted with integrity throughout this campaign. If I had to choose between vision and character, I would choose character. I am convinced that Magnus and Tom provide both the character and the vision that we need in president and vice president, but I encouraging everyone to vote for Haddock second.

I love CC for being a medium for this kind of conversation. Keep it up.

-Josh Downer

At 2:29 AM, Blogger andrew golis said...

C'mon Josh, if you're going to write a post kissing our ass don't write the exact same thing on Team Zebra with only the name of the blog attached...haha, it's not like I'm not going to read the other!

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous Josh Downer said...

like I said on zebra, I love you both. Kissing ass wasn't the purpose of the post, just a tack on, and I certainly don't have the energy to come up with a whole new kiss ass statement at 2:00am. :) Much love.

At 2:41 AM, Blogger andrew golis said...

haha. Fair enough, thanks for posting your thoughts!

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