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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I've just updated the "ongoing discussions" section of the side bar, definitely check them all out, there's some phenomenal stuff there.

Also, I've updated the "Harvard links" section, adding two new blogs and taking off one. I've added Gratitude Orange, an excellent blog kept by Kyle de Beausset. Kyle has been discussing general world politics and his experiences back home in Guatemala helping the redevelopment after massive flooding brought on by Hurricane Stan. I've also added Red Ivy, the Harvard GOP's new blog that kicked off earlier this month and seems off to an interesting, albeit sporadic, start. Finally, I've taken down the link to Team Zebra, because they haven't written in over a month. I'll definitely let you know if they get back in the game.

I hope you're enjoying your intersession! Also, read the post right below this one and the columns it links to.


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