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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

breaking: a protest and possible sit-in

It's official, Trombly and his crew (whoever they turn out to be) will be protesting next Tuesday's faculty club meeting and, if the faculty doesn't make its case, "adjourn to the Faculty Club and will remain there until an explanation is provided."


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous gline said...

I should point out that last year, when these issues were raised for the first time, Harvard Magazine published the remarks of nearly a dozen faculty members who spoke at the February 22nd, 2005 faculty meeting in defense or support of Summers' leadership. Their grievances were about as explicit as one might expect, and the text of those remarks may be found here:


At 10:00 PM, Blogger Jersey Slugger said...

There are SOOOO many more important things to protest. Let's see this sort of anger arise over human rights violations perpetrated by the U.S. government and private firms that it employs to build and run prisons.

At 11:39 PM, Anonymous alyssa said...

this is so ridiculous. hahaha, i kind of love it though.
im just interested in seeing if they go through with a "sit-in" or whatever they are planning.

i also find it highly amusing that this group just thinks that they can whip up a pretty serious direct action (which im assuming is the occupation of the faculty club? or something to that extent) in a few days. these are things that groups plan for months. also, i HIGHLY doubt Harvard police is planning to forcibly remove anyone, especially a bunch of kids sitting in (or outside) the faculty club. so im guessing, if they go through with it, they sit there chanting for a few hours, realize there will be no big dramatic arrest (is this the intention? idk, im confused as to how this escalation will prove/do anything?), and sit there some more, get bored, and go home. haha fun!

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the planners of this event should be aware that almost no faculty are likely to attend the faculty meeting Tuesday. I have this on very good authority, and will follow up with Golis.

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Drew Trombly said...

Why am I not surprised?

Faculty members only show up when they want to raise a stink. But when it comes to conducting the work of the University and serving the interests of students, well, Faculty members just can't be bothered.

Yeah, maybe there are more important things to protest. But that doesn't mean that this cause isn't important, especially when so many students care so deeply (and invest so much) in this University. Summers clearly cared about undergraduate education. If Faculty members claimed that his resignation would revive the University, then why wouldn't they seize this opportunity to renew discussion about the curricular review and other critical initiatives?

Am I the only one who sees a big problem here? Why should students let the Faculty impose its own "regime of fear" that cares nothing about undergraduates?

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA. what happened to the good old days of sitting in on legitimate space? the faculty club? sounds really badass for a sit in. hardly. why not university hall?

At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Drew Trombly said...

Because faculty members don't work in University Hall. The deans who either supported Summers or who remained neutral do. What would a sit-in at U-Hall accomplish? Our beef is with the Faculty opposition, not with the deanery. What better place to protest Faculty excess than their own exclusive domain?


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