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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

today's column

My Crimson column came out today on how we can revise the Harvard Social Forum and the building at 45 Mt. Auburn St. into the Harvard Progressive Alliance:
Imagine a miniature Phillips Brooks House for progressive activism: meeting rooms, a lounge, a library, a computer lab, a café, and offices to be used by all the members of the coalition. Students coming and going all day, having conversations in the lounge about Dewey and DuBois, going to a training session on organizing in one of the meeting rooms, working in their office on the logistics for their coming event, cooking a meal in the kitchen. It may sound utopian, but the only things that stand in our way are effort and money, both of which can be organized quite effectively here at Harvard. We have the people, we have the house; the question is simply whether or not we have the will.
(more in expanded post)
In addition to that general vision I offer a structure and 4 guiding principles. We NEED to have the conversation about what we want to do with the building and the coalition NOW, so I'd love to here anyone's thoughts on the column and on the decision in general. Feel free to criticize, offer a completely different vision, whatever, let's just get talking!


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