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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

links and random stuff

Over the last few days of light blogging, I've been collecting links of random and entertaining things. I thought to myself earlier today: "you'll never post all of it, just delete the stuff." But, because I'm totally brilliant like that, I figure I can just put all of these random links and things on ONE POST! I know, amazing. So, without further ado:

Arriana Huffington, stealing Cambridge Common's idea, has launched the mother of all blogs: the Huffington Post. This thing has got it all: a bazillion different VIPs blogging (from Hollywood celebs to former Presidential candidates to comedians and professional talking heads), a news section that attempts to balance out Drudge's "breaking news" red headlight thing, and a massive group blog where it all comes together. Interesting, ambitious stuff. (more in expanded post)

Next, a few things about the religious right. First, an AMAZING clip of Pat Robertson that does more to show the true motivations and mentalities of him and some members of his wing of the party than anything I've ever seen. Also, a fascinating story about a religious leader kicking out members of his congregation because they voted for John Kerry. Finally on the religious thing, a great article(registration required, email me if you aren't registered and want to read it) in the New Republic about the Frist Filibuster thing:
Frist's cry of religious bigotry is particularly ironic: What could be more religiously bigoted than claiming that anyone who disagrees with you must not be a true person of faith? How audacious--and repugnant--of Frist to claim that his political constituents have a monopoly on devotion to God. Many Senate Democrats are themselves devout Christians. And Democrats routinely win the votes of about half the nation's Catholics, over half of its religious Jews, and nearly one-third of its evangelical Christians.
The last, and best: a random guy is traveling the country having dinner with strangers. He sees the project as artwork that brings up the importance of conversation, the individual and meeting people. Robert Putnam eat your heart out!


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