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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

a little local stuff

While we often forget it, we do live in a state with its own fascinating and important politics. With the spirit of getting us thinking, three story summaries from a great MA political blog Blue Mass. Group:
A story in the Herald that, to me, sums up very nicely what's at stake in the gay marriage debate.
  • Two men in their 70s: "This has given us peace of mind. The legal benefits are so important at this stage in life. Now if something happens, we can be involved in decisions about health and death and inheritance."
  • Two middle-aged professionals with two adopted sons: "the first year of marriage has meant better benefits on a family health plan and a sense of belonging in [their] Jamaica Plain community."
  • And some interesting statistics:
    • More than 6,100 marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples in Massachusetts.
    • Approximately 32 percent of female same-sex couples have children, compared to about 15 percent of male couples.
    • Roughly 36 percent of the 17,000 gay couples in Massachusetts have married.
(more in expanded post)
Gerry Leone, former First Assistant US Attorney to Michael Sullivan, has taken a private sector job so that he can run for Middlesex DA (which he could not do if he were still a US Attorney). Leone has a long and successful track record as a prosecutor and will be a strong DA candidate (I confess some puzzlement as to why being Middlesex DA is so preferable to him than being First Assistant US Attorney, but he obviously thinks it is). I also confess some puzzlement as to why Jarrett Barrios is determined to quit his Senate seat to run in a crowded field for Middlesex DA, but there's no accounting for taste.

There are murmurings here and there that US Rep. Michael Capuano has not ruled out running for Governor after all, despite his earlier statement that he wasn't interested (which followed a rather public flirtation with the idea). Anybody have the inside scoop?
It's a good blog, I recommend it for locals dems/liberals.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous David said...

Thanks for the plug, Andrew. I think that the progressive cause hereabouts would benefit substantially from greater involvement in local politics on college campuses. There were some interesting developments along those lines in a special election a few weeks back in which there was a concerted effort to disenfranchise BU students. We covered the story here (and in other posts around the same time - check the archives if you're interested). "Think globally, act locally" really does work.


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