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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Keith Olbermann, who I still remember fondly growing up as the head anchor of Sports Center, nails White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan (watch the video here). While I obviously like Olbermann because of his fairly clear liberal bias, that bias also allows him to cut through a lot of the WH's truth-twisting because he's willing to go against the GOP talking points.

Mr. Olbermann then does a great job of respectfully interviewing a pastor who believes, and put up on his church sign, that the Koran should be flushed down a toilet. His damning proof that it is not the word of God and the Christian Bible is: the Koran says Jesus was born under a palm tree, the Bible says he was born in a manger. Wow, brilliant logic. I think Olbermann does a great job in pointing to the problem of fundamentalism and absolutism like this in his questioning (watch the video here).

I do miss Olbermann on Sports Center, but I love what he's doing at MSNBC.


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