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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

a TO DO list

In the next week or so, readers of Cambridge Common are going to meet a few new writers (see Chimaobi's hello below) and will be therefore introduced to a new CC. If all goes well, I will no longer provide the primary material for the site, and will simply act as editor and equal contributor to three or four other writers (if you are still interested in being one of them, please see this post and email me with thoughts). However, as editor and founder I hope I can still exert some control over content, not by censoring or directing the contributors, but by offering questions and topics that others might share their thoughts on. In the interest of transparency and community, I thought I might make a to do list of topics and issues that I hope we'll be able to discuss/comment on in this space in the future. If I miss any thing you're interested in, on campus especially, feel free to throw out ideas. (to do list in expanded post)

TO DO (Some questions)

What kind of people does Harvard produce? What kind of people does it intend to produce? Is there something wrong with the fact that something like 40% of us go straight into consulting and banking? Is that a reflection of society's values, or values taught/absorbed at Harvard?

What does it mean to be on the left today? Who are our heroes? What do we believe? How does our experience at Harvard affect our beliefs and/or how they are expressed? What is our role in making this country/world a more equal, fair place?

How do issues of class, race, gender and sexuality play out in the context of Harvard? How do they interact? How do the institutions around us (student-run or university-directed) construct how we perceive/address these issues? How can Harvard be a more comfortable/valuable place for people who are not in the position of privilege in these paradigms?

This set of questions is intended to point to my primary interest at understanding/analyzing our role as Harvard students and members of a specific community. As one can tell from reading the blog in the past, all of the contributors will also write on particular issue that interest them outside of the walls of the yard or the specific context of Harvard, whether that be national or international politics or non-political ideas/arguments. What else?


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