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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

goings on (midterm edition)

So things have been fairly quiet here at Cambridge Common for the last day or so. The old mainstays of free speech and evolution peaked up for mini-conversations yesterday, but other than that, nothing big. I can't seem to get my brain around anything of substance politically right now, because all I can think about is the quickly arriving Fitzmas.

I think it's a quiet time politically on campus: the UC is in full stride, newbies like the STOP Campaign and the Student Labor Action Movement have lost their novelty and are tucking in for the long haul, and most major student groups are done with their big kick-offs and pushing toward late fall events. Soon enough, rumors of who will be in the next leadership class of major student groups, as well as the Crimson, the IOP and the UC will start to entertain the chattering class, but for now, most seem comfortable putting their nose to the grindstone and concentrating on their midterms.

At least that's my impression. What's yours? Are their things going on out there- discussions to be had, events to be noted, injustice to be destroyed- that no one (or at least no one here) is noticing? Hit the comment button and let us know!

PS: I am working on special guests and dialogue, I'll let you know when things solidify!


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know i wanted a "local" blog to add to my new google customized page (along with the Times, wired, weather, and the Crimson), and you're it. found your blog through a google blog search on "cambridge." congrats. i work at the kennedy school and graduated in '04, though not from around here.

i guess we'll never know each other, but i look forward to reading something with a young, local twist.


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