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Sunday, October 16, 2005

goings on

hello, dear readers! As your numbers grow (pushing toward 200 of you a day!), I'm going to try to post quick summaries to help you navigate the various conversations that are going on at any given point.

A great discussion on the Final Club issue continues in response to both Chimaobi and my most recent posts. I highly recommend both threads; both discussions get to many fundamental issues of privilege, meritocracy and power dynamics. I'll be posting one final thought (on next steps, etc.) early this week. School and life and all that jazz have gotten in the way, but I haven't forgotten.

Also, Deb's post on the fetishization of Asian women (and the Crimson's failure to cover a few stories) has started some give and take. Definitely give it a read.

Finally, my pointing out a slip-up at the Crimson on its own conflict of interest policy has brought up some issues (and gotten some people at the Crimson talking), so check it out.

Thanks for coming by, have a great week!


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