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Friday, October 21, 2005

goings on

what's going on at Cambridge Common today? Well, Chip continues on his crusade to clean up rap music and elicit comments from readers. One reader tells him to "leave rappers alone" and let them "spit ignorant shit." Let them know what you think. Deb is asking whether or not DorMaid (or DormAid) has crossed a line with its French maid ad campaign. One reader claims it is "another example of Harvard students being overly sensitive about small issues." What do you think? And finally, two debates over gender and family, the first about Mansfield's supposed "New Feminism," hook up culture and gender roles, the second over the (possible) differences between the sexes, gender in child-rearing and men's role in the work/family trade-off. I wouldn't be surprised if these debates never ended...

Meanwhile, I wait, giddy like an 8-year-old on the night before Christmas, to find out who will be indicted! David Gergen says (video: wmp, qt): "The wheels are coming off the wagon."

Have a great Friday!


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