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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Movement

This past weekend in Washington, D.C., the Millions More Movement attempted to address the needs of the U.S. and world's overwhelming underclass iregardless of race, religious background, gender, etc. Many thoughts of mine abound in this subject but instead of issuing a diatribe on this myself, I would like to highlight a few different media sources and their coverage of the event:(more in expanded post)

TIME Magazine's interview before the event with Louis Farrakhan was a blatant display of media bias. The interviewer proceeded to ask him a number of controversial questions in succession most likely in hopes of inspiring opposition to whatever he would say from some sector of the population. These ranged from asking Farrakhan whether or not he agreed with Kanye West's statement about Bush not caring about Black people to his role as a Muslim leader in standing up to terrorists who manipulate Islamic teachings for political gain.

CNN's coverage was cursory at best and dismissive at worst spending only a fraction of the piece discussing actual occurrences during the event.

The Boston Globe's coverage of the event painted it in more glowing terms and included information about tangible steps for change that the event inspired. There is to be a public policy group made of "specialists" who will also collaborate on authoring a book titled "The Black Agenda" that is, well, self-explanatory. Farrakhan is from Boston (and attended the prestigious Boston Latin exam school, although there are conflicting reports of whether he graduated or dropped out) so the hometown media love was there.

The Washington Post published a number of articles on the event seeing as how it took place on their home turf. These articles largely highlighted the importance of positive action and communitiy change over raw numbers of attendees as being the focus of many leaders at the march. Thankfully, there were NO ARRESTS and all police did was "give out information and directions". THAT'S wassup. There's also a good Op-Ed by Colbert King that deserves a read.

Read and give me your thoughts on the betterment of the global or national underclass. What is the road to success? Must it be through political inclusion and the legislative process? Or do desperate times call for desperate measures? I'd love to hear from some people who attended the BSA's (Black Student Association's) recent discussion on these issues.


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