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Saturday, November 26, 2005

and the candidates are...

I'll have thoughts on the race later today or tomorrow but, for now, for your benefit, the candidates running for UC President and Vice President are:

Magnus Grimeland
(Pres) w/
Tom Hadfield (V. Pres)

John Haddock (Pres) w/
Annie Riley (V. Pres)

John Voith (Pres.) w/
Tara Gadgil (V. Pres)

Facebook profiles are always a good place to start when figuring out what each of these candidates is about, but keep in mind that each profile has likely been changed in preparation for the race. Most have them appear to simply have been simplified, with goofy or embarrassing things removed so that they can look leadershippy. Facebook is, in general, an interesting place for campaign watching, because it creates an alternative reality where numbers in facebook groups or messages or posts seem to matter. It's unclear to me, having run a campaign, whether or not they do, but you can get a sense of what the campaigns think matters...

NOTE: Please remember CC's policy on UC Campaign-related comments. Also, remember that publishing a comment on CC, like publishing something in the Crimson, is considered campaigning. If you are affiliated with one of the campaigns or working on their behalf, campaigning is illegal until midnight Monday morning.


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