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Thursday, November 17, 2005

goings on

Ah, Thursday morning, so much goings on!

Yesterday's most contentious post was my rebuttal of the Crimson's anti-doing stuff staff ed. Over 25 comments, and a relatively productive discussion, I thought. Add your thoughts if you like... In other labor related news, the janitors will most likely vote to ratify their new contracts today, and you can check out a photo essay from a Monday night labor rally below.

In non-labor related news, Chip offers a critique of US's foreign policy in relation to China and (first time for everything), Elephant and he get into a debate. Also, Katie highlighted on Tuesday the little known but hugely important scandal at the FDA over Plan B. Let's just say the Bush administration has a, well, different approach to women's issues. Finally, the Dems elected new leadership and I'm inviting you, the readers, to offer advice/compliments/criticism of the College Dems that you think they should hear in starting their year.

As always, jump into the mix and share some wisdom, have fun at Harvard-Yale, be safe!


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