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Monday, November 14, 2005

goings on

I know it looks like it's been a quiet day here at Cambridge Common, but there are things goings on.

Beyond my attempt to remind the left that we too need tough questions and big ideas, Chip is working on a two-front debate that somehow links the "N" word and anti-capitalism. It's complicated, but it's interesting. He's also discussing Africa with Isa, who claims that Chimaobi is "whitewashing" the continent's problems with women. Also, a little discussion looks poised to break out over on the "Big Question" about Harvard's involvement in disaster relief. Finally, on an open thread Stillman and I are discussing how best to handle anonymous posting in the context of the upcoming UC elections, and "swift-boating" is officially a verb.

Glad you came by, jump into one of these discussions and share some wisdom. I hope your Monday was a good one.


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