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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

photo essay: last night's labor rally

While you wouldn't know it from the way the Crimson buried it as a sidebar, with only a picture of a pre-rally rally at the Science Center, SEIU threw a fairly massive rally at the Harvard Club last night during a speech by Larry Summers. Over 200 workers and their families and around 50 students, gathered on Commonwealth Ave. throughout the evening. They chanted and handed out flyers, walked through the street, handed out information to alumni arriving in the parking lot for the speech, and stood in front of the building as the speech began. It was, and you can judge for yourself from the pictures, an impressively large, lively and loud affair. A brief photo essay is below the fold. (more in expanded post)

A photo essay...

The early group circles in front of the building.

The front door with the early group making their presence known.

Booze for the party goers at the speech.

A look inside the club...

The full group circles an intersection, 250 people strong.

A SLAM member hands an information flyer to someone arriving at the speech.

Students hold a sign in front of the Harvard Club's front door.

A few workers smile for the camera!


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