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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

coming next week!

As I am always want to point out, Cambridge Common offers unique possibilities in terms of concepts of media and discourse. With that in mind, we will be trying something very unique and exciting next week: Dam Ogunnaike and Isa Chaves, two of the smartest people I know, have agreed to join Cambridge Common all next week as guest bloggers to lead a discussion.

Their topic: What is the meaning of progress in the context of globalization?

It's going to be deep and challenging. Both Isa and Dam focus on this question in their academic and activist work, and each comes with a unique perspective. Having heard the two of them discuss the issue before, I'm extremely excited to see how they will engage each other, and you, in sharing their ideas on this space. As always, we the readers will have the opportunity to share our thoughts, make our arguments and ask our questions. So, look for Dam and Isa to blow your mind come next Monday!


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