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Thursday, November 03, 2005

goings on

Thursday is thesis day for this writer, but before I disappear into that abyss, I figured I'd update you on the goings on this week.

First, a reminder: next week will be a unique event here at Cambridge Common; Dam Ogunnaike and Isa Chaves will be here to do a week guest blogging and leading a conversation on the meaning of progress in the context of globalization. I'm excited, I'm assuming you are too. It should be an enlightening dialogue.

In other news: Deb wonders whether it is really necessary to scream vagina in a crowded theater in preparation for tonight's seminar on the female orgasm. Katie argues yes, Paloma backs Deb. Choose a side, or make up your own! Beneath that, I'm trying to get people to engage the question of whether or not neo-liberal capitalist mentalities toward people (we are producers, type type type) is really all that healthy. One person thinks I'm Swedish, Rob backs me up with some thoughts on learning a little humility. Do you also think I'm Swedish? Finally, Chip still has a conversation going from Tuesday about the problems of the Wyclef concert (and Wyclef himself), which caused one reader to offer MC Hammer as a possible cheap alternative. This, I think, is an excellent idea.

Have a great end of the week, don't party too much or do too much homework this weekend, and stay in school kids! Hugs, NOT drugs. Also, watch Obama's speech from last week.


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