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Saturday, December 03, 2005

goings on

There's more goings on than I can even get to, but let's give it a shot so I can get the hell away from this blog for a while.

First, Chip's hosting day three of our conversation with the candidates, and has some provocative questions about their facebook group choices. Definitely check those out and share your thoughts.

Also, a mysterious guest blogger names Chadwick G. Worthington IV has stirred some pots with his thoughts on his new magazine Scene. To discuss the issues brought up by the magazine, check out this thread.

Katie has some thoughts on the new website H-Give, and some words directly from its founder!

And finally, I've written a little analysis about why, regardless of the complete and utter nonsense that is their position on social programming, Haddock/Riley's staff have given them a boost.

Also, check out the new sidebar that links to each of the main posts that have analysis of the current UC race.

As always, thanks for coming by, have a great Saturday night, and share some wisdom!


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