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Thursday, December 08, 2005

looking back and looking forward

Well, the UC race is now over and as of tonight we'll have a new President and Vice President elect (I'll post a prediction open thread later). For those of you who have come here over the last two weeks because of our campaign coverage, I wanted to officially welcome you to our little online community and try to give you a sense of what we do here when not dissecting the insanity of campaign politics.

Cambridge Common was founded last spring as a little side project, but took off this fall as a more sustained and coordinated attempt to offer a set of perspectives, opinions and musings from the left on our own campus politics and culture. Our belief is that an emerging blogosphere can not only deepen and broaden the political discourse on campus but also offer a venue for perspectives not usually found in campus media, or only read when the Crimson throws an occasional bone to the intellectual left wing (which, to be clear, is not the same as any person who writes about a how much they like Democrats). Whether you're on the left, middle, right or none of the above, I hope you'll continue to be a part of our community and share your wisdom!

In the expanded post, I've listed a series of oldies but goodies from Cambridge Common's past that will hopefully allow new readers to get a better sense of a lot of the conversations that typically go on here. Please read them and feel free to share your thoughts.

(more in expanded post)

is the Harvard Crimson finally ready to take diversity seriously? - this post includes statements pulled by a reader from the applications of the new Crimson leadership that discuss the need for a more proactive effort to make their staff more diverse.

who's alienating whom? - this post takes on Travis Kavulla's recent column decrying the supposed frivolity of queer language and activism. Katie points out the importance of recognizing that "alienation" is not simply some superficial political language tactic, but a real life situation experienced every day by members of our community.

SPECIAL GUEST DISCUSSION: The nature and ethics of progress and development - this links to a post that will take you to a series in which two brilliant guest writers dig into this huge debate and offer some challenging insights.

final clubs discussions - this links to a post that will take you to four different pieces, three by me and one by Chimaobi, that delve into the issue of Final Clubs and why it's more than just frivolous socialites...

Why Asian American Issues Are Issues - a fascinating post by Deb that explores why Asian-American issues are so often pushed aside and why the Asian/Asian-American community at Harvard struggles to find cohesion.

Northern Discomfort - a phenomenal post in which Chimaobi explores not only his experiences with race and class at Harvard, but the absence of much of that experience in the broader Black community.

end the monopoly
- the post that kicked off this fall's publicity campaign, explaining why the Crimson's strangle-hold on opinion and "truth" is so bad for our community.

These, I think, are some of the best of the best. If I've forgotten anything that was particularly dear to your heart, or you hated the ones I included, say so in the comments. Either way, WELCOME!


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