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Friday, January 13, 2006

lunchtime video!

It's Friday and I'm taking the weekend off, so today will actually be lunchtime videos. But first, an article appetizer. The most emailed story on YahooNews right now has this headline: Colbert: AP the Biggest Threat to America. Read the story. My favorite line:
"It's like Shakespeare still being alive and not asking him what `Hamlet' is about," he said.
To celebrate Colbert's campaign against the AssociateD Press, I've compiled a few Colbert classics from his days on the Daily Show.

Today's video: Colbert cracks up when trying to report on a royal scandal "from London."

Tomorrow's video: Jon Stewart interviews "Al Sharpton" who looks strangely thin, white and Colbert-esque.

Sunday's video: In "Even Stevphen", Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert debate Islam v. Christianity and agree!

Have a good weekend!


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