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Monday, January 16, 2006

quick note and lunchtime video

First, a quick note. I've updated the "ongoing discussions" column to the right for the first time in a while. It has any post that has been added to with a comment in the last day, so check out where people are still talking (or starting to). Read and share some thoughts, feelings and wisdom.

Today's video is the recent 60 Minutes piece on John Murtha and the debate over troop levels and presence in Iraq. They do an impressive job of matching the clips so that someone finally has a chance to respond with depth to Bush's superficial rhetoric. Whatever your take on the war, check it out. Video: wmv and quicktime.


At 5:40 PM, Anonymous andrew fine said...

Great interview. Wallace was rightfully skeptical of Murtha -- he certainly is contradicting former statements in this new campaign -- but Murtha's responses seemed genuine, as factually-based as possible, and un-ideological. I especially liked his differentation of Bush's "Victory-Defeat" rhetoric and what the real situation in Iraq shows. Troop withdrawl is not defeat, and troop consistency is not victory. While I am still doubtful that complete withdrawl would be best for national security, it seems logical that spending $200 billion and tying up 135,000 troops in Iraq is not the most effective expenditures for the "war on terror." Furthermore, Murtha's desire to let Civil War rage and have democracy win out in Iraq seems too idealistic; this is not the same situation as the United States' Civil War, as he vaguely claims. That was two democracies at war. Iraq: who knows. But does that give us a right to force Iraq into the way we want it to turn out? Too much work to write on that...


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