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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

UC concerts: change the rules, change UHall's bad attitude

(see UC disclaimer below...)
A good OpEd in the Crimson today about the spring concert that basically says two things: 1) the UC needs to change its bylaws so that it can set aside money for future semesters to plan events and 2) the administration (i.e. University Hall) needs to do more to help the UC. I think they're right on both counts. The primary reason that we're not having a concert this spring is that, because UC bylaws prohibit money from being set aside in advance of a semester, the planning for this concert couldn't start until a few months ago. When the Boston Police Department freaked out and demanded more security, the show fell through because the UC couldn't afford it and the administration refused to help out. So, while I don't think you can blame these rules on the current UC members, setting money aside for future UC's (as I think they're going to try to do now to start planning a good concert for the fall), will allow concerts more time to be developed. (more in expanded post)

But, as the OpEd points out, I think it's also important to look at the administration. Other schools have multiple concerts per year because their administrations are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring them. I think Brown has Ben Folds, Talib Kweli and the Shins ALL THIS YEAR. No matter how much in advance the UC were to plan, without significantly more cash from the administration, we're going to be trailing other schools in this for a long time...

disclaimer: I cannot claim any level of unbiased opinion on this. UC Pres. Glazer is my roommate and best friend. I tell you that so you can assess honestly what I'm saying and either take it or not depending on whether you think I'm being unfair. Other writers on this blog have the same problem: they are on, or are close friends with people who are on, the Undergraduate Council.


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