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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the Dems endorsement

Definitely check out Greg Schmidt's (the former Dems President) post on Team Zebra about the Dems endorsement. He argues that it is important for both heuristic and structural reasons, and makes a great case for why it rivals the Crimson endorsement as the most politically important of the race (I agree).

Considering the fact that three of the ten members of the Dems board (Bosch the VP, Arth the Leg Director and Abdallah the Membership Director) are already declared Haddock/Riley supporters (in the facebook group) and each of those three are current or former UC members who will likely have considerable sway in such a decision, I'd put my money on a Dems endorsement of Haddock/Riley or no one at all.

NOTE: Having Team Zebra to link to is fun! It's like having an actual Harvard blogosphere!


At 12:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which, of course, doesn't mean that "the fix is in," as some over on Team Zebra are claiming. Matt, Mike, and Magdey all support John Haddock and Annie Riley for UC because they're the best candidates for the job, not because they're all best buds. (Although Annie does have a lot of "Best Buddies"! :))

Another Dems board member, President Eric Lesser, is also a former UC member but has yet to publicly declare his intentions. (Hey, remember the rumor that Lesser would run for UC Pres?)

Also note that John Haddock and Annie Riley were the only UC candidates to attend the Dems Exec Board Election, which was a great show of respect for the organization. It's my understanding that Tara Gadgil is also a dues-paid member of the group, but she did not attend the elections.

I also saw Glazer & Capp, (and Golis) at the election, and I think it's great that the UC leadership has such a good relationship with the Dems. I look forward to continuing the beautiful friendship when John and Annie take over at the UC.

-Ben Milder

At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a side note about Lesser...
For Thanksgiving, Eric hosted both E.E. Keenan (Voith strategist and platform writer) and Josh Patashnik (Haddock campaign manager) at his home.

-Ben Milder


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