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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the first discussion question

Starting tomorrow, each of the three tickets will be joining Cambridge Common to share their thoughts, answer your questions and engage each other in debate about the role of the Council, their priorities and qualifications, and their understandings of where our community and school is and should be. The first question, as I've just sent to the campaigns, is:
In light of recent controversies involving social programming and the political content of its advocacy in University Hall, many believe (myself included) that the Council’s role in our community is up for grabs as it hasn’t been in years. However, most conversations surrounding the issue are simply practical: “this works, that doesn’t and so we should or shouldn’t do this or that.” Rather than simply repeating your position on social programming or the Council and politics, I’m interested in what broader principle about the Council’s role on campus unites your policy positions. What, in other words, do you believe it means to be a “student government”?
They'll have 600 words to answer, and anyone who wants can have up to 200 words to respond or ask questions. I hope that this proves interesting, and I hope you all join in! I will post what they send to me tomorrow afternoon, so come back then!


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