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Monday, November 07, 2005

goings on

hello dear readers, happy Monday morning. I'm sure you're as thrilled as I am for another week of classes.

The big news today, of course, is the beginning of what will hopefully prove to be an exciting dialogue. Check back today for Isa and Dam's first posts in a conversation on the nature and ethics of progress and development. It's gonna be deep, and we need your help, expertise, thoughts.

In other news (literally), Cambridge Common was in the good old Crimson today again. Travis Kavulla- or, as I think I will now call him, the Howard Dean of the Harvard Right- throws yet another anti-intellectual pseudo-populist bomb at the gay rights movement. Rage against the machine, Mr. Kavulla, you're very oppressed. More on this later...

Finally, Deb has managed to elicit a semi-formal response from City Step over why they've moved from a formal ball of pretension to an informal "Guilty" party of pleasure as their main event, bringing up the ever-interesting question of how far an organization should/can go in raising money for a good cause.

As always, share some wisdom, ask questions, or just read. Happy Monday!


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