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Sunday, December 11, 2005

a look into the future

James Wolcott (of Vanity Fair) has a complaint (in the context of complaining about the Woodward/Miller reporter-apologists) on his blog today that I found to be an entertaining look into a possible future:
I don't want to hear another "name" journalist defend a colleague based upon friendship. I'm sick of journalists vouching for each other's sterling character and unimpeachable integrity based upon social contacts and shared histories. I don't care if you worked on the Crimson together, shared a summer house on Nantucket, played basketball with their spouse, send your kids to the same private school, or took bubble baths together as babies, spare us the "I've known X since time immortal and s/he would never violate a trust or plagiarize from another source or fabricate a quote," blah blah blah.
Just think, our fine campus newspaper is, for better or worse, a sign of things to come...


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