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Thursday, December 01, 2005

let the games begin

The candidates' answers to the first question have been posted below (Grimeland/Hadfield, Haddock/Riley and Voith/Gadgil). The first question is:
In light of recent controversies involving social programming and the political content of its advocacy in University Hall, many believe (myself included) that the Council’s role in our community is up for grabs as it hasn’t been in years. However, most conversations surrounding the issue are simply practical: “this works, that doesn’t and so we should or shouldn’t do this or that.” Rather than simply repeating your position on social programming or the Council and politics, I’m interested in what broader principle about the Council’s role on campus unites your policy positions. What, in other words, do you believe it means to be a “student government”?
Enjoy the reading, engage the candidates and, as always, share some wisdom!

UPDATE: People seem a little shy, so I'm breaking the ice. However, this forum isn't simply for me to talk to the candidates, so join in!


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